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Trust and safety


Our Services allow you to share information about yourself with other individuals and other companies, including other users and potential users of the Services or other products or services offered by us and third-party Social Networking Sites. Consider your own privacy and personal safety when sharing your information with anyone, including information you share through your profile, as profiles include basic information that was provided at registration and information provided through a Social Networking Site and may include other information added by you or your friends (for example, your religion, ethnicity and physical characteristics), as well as information about your use of the Service (for example, whether you were recently logged in to our platform). Please review our Online Dating Safety Tips for tips in using our Services.
Information on your profile is viewable by other users or visitors to our Services, and may also be viewable through public search or on third-party sites that you use. We do not control who reads the information you share or what others may do with this information, so we encourage you to use discretion and caution with respect to your personal data. Also, when sharing information about others, please consider their safety and privacy and get their consent for that sharing.
Criminal Background Screenings; You assume all risk when using the Services, including but not limited to all risks associated with any online or offline interactions with others, including dating. There is no substitute for acting with caution when communicating with any stranger who wants to meet you. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT, CURRENTLY, WE DO NOT ROUTINELY SCREEN ALL OUR USERS, INQUIRE INTO THE BACKGROUND OF OUR USERS, ATTEMPT TO VERIFY INFORMATION PROVIDED BY OUR USERS OR CONDUCT CRIMINAL SCREENINGS OF OUR USERS. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT, IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION, TO CONDUCT SUCH INQUIRIES OR SCREENINGS (INCLUDING THE SEARCH OF ANY SEX OFFENDER REGISTRIES ETC). YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO CONDUCT ANY SUCH INVESTIGATIONS. We do not make any representations, warranties or guarantees as to the conduct of its users, information provided by users, or their compatibility with you. You acknowledge that not all users are available for matching and that we may create test profiles or accounts to monitor the operation of the Services. You agree to take all necessary precautions when meeting other users, especially if you decide to meet in person. IN ADDITION, YOU AGREE TO REVIEW OUR ONLINE DATING SAFETY TIPS PRIOR TO USING THE SERVICES. These tips provide general advice aimed at engaging in safer dating practices, such as not providing your last name, home address, place of work, financial information (such as your credit card number or your bank account number) or other identifying information to other users and stopping all communications with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it. You agree to treat all other users with dignity and respect and comply with our user conduct rules set forth in Section 3(f) below.


If you log in to your account with us using multiple devices (for instance, your phone and laptop), we will link your devices to your account. This allows us to provide a seamless user experience to you. We also work with third parties to employ technologies, including the application of statistical modeling tools, which attempt to recognize you across multiple devices so that we understand how you use our Service across various devices, to ensure the safety and security of your data and the Company Services, to show you targeted advertising (with your consent) tailored to your interests and experience, and to measure the performance of advertising campaigns.

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